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Academic Publishing

(2018) Explaining Evil: Four Views (Bloomsbury), under contract. 
Contributors include: Richard B. Davis, Paul Helm, Michael Ruse, and Erik Wielenberg

(2018) "Plantinga's Defense and His Theodicy are Incompatible" (with Richard Davis). In Does God Matter? Essays on the Axiological Consequences of Theism, edited by Klaas Kraay (New York: Rutledge), 203–223. ( PDF)

(2015) “Divine Freedom and the Free Will Defense,” Heythrop Journal 56: 108–119. ( PDF)

(2014) “On Jesus, Derrida, and Dawkins: Rejoinder to Joshua Harris” (with Richard Davis), Philosophia Christi 14: 175–181. ( PDF)

(2014) “Counterpossibles and the ‘Terrible’ Divine Command Deity” (with Richard Davis), Religious Studies 51: 1–19. ( PDF)

(2014) “What Place, then, for Rational Apologetics?” (with Richard Davis). In Loving God with Your Mind: Essays in Honor of J. P. Moreland, edited by Paul M. Gould and Richard Brian Davis (Chicago: Moody Publishers), 127–140. ( PDF)

(2013) “Layman’s Lapse: On an Incomplete Moral Argument” (with Richard Davis), Philo 16: 1–10. ( PDF)

(2013) “Against a Postmodern Pentecostal Epistemology” (with Richard Davis), Philosophia Christi 15: 383–399. ( PDF)

(2012) “Original Sin and a Broad Free Will Defense,” Philosophia Christi 14: 353–371. ( PDF)

(2009) “Why A Believer Could Believe that God Answers Prayers,” Sophia 48: 319–324. ( PDF)

Popular Writing and Opinion Pieces

(2017) "Discussing Your Convictions, a Review of Tactics Study Guide with DVD by Greg Koukl," Influence Magazine, June 20.

(2016) "Comparing Donald Trump to Hitler Isn't Helpful," Christian Post, Nov. 3.

(2016) "Wayne Grudem's Deplorable Argument for Trump," Christian Post, Oct. 24.

(2013) “Adam, Eve, and the Gospel” (with Richard Davis), Enrichment Journal 19: 32–35. 

(2009) “The Pursuit of Truth,” Tyndale University College & Seminary, Connection Magazine, Fall Issue.