Current courses at Tyndale

Fall 2018

Introduction to Philosophy
Critical Reasoning

Winter 2019 

Critical Reasoning
Philosophy of Mind
Seminar on the Ethics of War

Past courses

History of Philosophy I & II
Introduction to Ethics
Christian Apologetics
Christian Ethics
Philosophy of Religion
Normative Ethical Theory
Political Philosophy
Seminar on the Metaphysics of Free Will
Seminar on the Problem of Evil

Public talks

Panel on Integrating Faith and Learning
Thinking? Toronto, 2017

"The Often Overlooked Importance of Renewing Your Mind"
Tyndale University College, Toronto ON

"Two Threats to the Christian Worldview: 'New Atheism' and Religious Pluralism" 
Southwestern Assemblies of God University, Waxahachie TX.

"The Importance of 'Renewing Your Mind' While at University" Southwestern Assemblies of God University, Waxahachie, TX.